The Swedish Childhood Tumor Biobank (Barntumörbanken, BTB) is national sample collection and research infrastructure for pediatric solid tumors. Via a multidisciplinary nation-wide collaboration with the six university hospitals that treat and operate pediatric cancer patients, BTB collects fresh frozen tumor tissue and blood samples from patients with  solid tumors, both from intra- and extracranial locations. Some additional sample types can also be collected such as viable tumor cells, CSF and FFPE material.  BTB performs, in collaboration with Science for Life Laboratory, genomic and molecular genetic characterization analysis on the collected biobank samples. All participants consent to the sample collection and the research analysis. BTB is located at Karolinska Institutet and the research principal is Karolinska University Hospital.

In Sweden 340 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. Today more than 85% of the patients survive, even so, cancer is one of the major medical causes of childhood death. The survivors often suffer from sequelae due to the treatment. Therefore, deeper biological knowledge regarding these malignancies is essential for improved survival and quality of life for affected children. The aim of The Swedish Childhood Tumor Biobank is to increase the understanding of pediatric solid tumors by providing biological samples and molecular genetic/genomic data for research purposes. Researchers with an ethically approved project can apply to BTB for biobank material and/or data. BTB also assist several clinical studies with sample logistics, medico-legal aid and data analysis/interpretation.

BTB systematically collects biological specimens and informed consent from more than 90% of the Swedish pediatric patients with solid tumors, and produce high quality data. The continuous usage of the samples and the genomic data in approved research projects will contribute to increased knowledge and likely have a positive impact on the future clinical care and outcome of children with cancer.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund financially supports BTB.


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